Friday, January 2, 2015

Dale's Tale's for January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! 

And, it was a Happy Old Year as well.   2014 brought the 100th Anniversary of the ARRRL and along with it THE outstanding operating event of the past century.  Now the individual logs are uploading to Logbook of the World and scores will all be recalculated for the Centennial QSO Party.  Remember, the log deadline is January 15 at 2359 Z.

There were several key events that bear mentioning from our historic 2014:

We experienced a change in the guard at the Division level in July as long time Director, Jim Weaver, K8JE retired and Vice Director Dale Williams assumed that role.  Tom Delaney W8WTD moved up to fill Dale's unexpired term.   Tom was then elected to the Vice Director position in the fall election cycle. 

Michigan secured the passage through the State House and Senate of PRB-1 that includes establishment of an advisory committee to provide accurate information concerning amateur antenna needs to local governmental regulating bodies as required. It now awaits the Governor's signature.

2014 also saw the Ohio PRB-1 Law standing its own ground and winning an appeal at the 6th Appellate District Court.  The town of Swanton once again loses its case.

Michigan also created a five-person Technical Specialist HF Digital team from around the state to collectively create a common PowerPoint® program to provide programs and instruction for club meetings, hamfests, and other activities to encourage the use of HF sound card modes for pleasure and EmComm purposes.

2014 also marked the return of the Greater Louisville Hamfest as the Kentucky State Convention (Sept. 6, 2014).  The convention featured a visit by Great Lakes Division Vice Director Tom Delaney, W8WTD, and an awards luncheon after the hamfest. Kudos to the hamfest organization for their hard work to make the return of the ARRL state convention a reality!

In Ohio, Section Manager Frank Piper retired and Scott Yonally N8SY became the new SM.   A new Affiliated Clubs Coordinator, Sandy Mackey, N8YS and a new Official Observer Coordinator, John Perone, W8RXX stepped in as well.  Complimenting these changes was a course change in the Ohio ARES program with the appointment of a new Section Emergency Coordinator, Stan Broadway N8BHL.

Michigan SM Larry Camp WB8R appointed Gordon Baldwin, W8CT as the Section Youth Coordinator.

Kentucky has also shown continued support for the ARRL, with a seven percent increase in League membership from April 2007 to Nov. 2014.  Thanks to all the many volunteers who donate their time and talents, for they are the reason for the continued success of ARRL programs in the Kentucky section.

Ohio also said hello to a newly appointed Affiliated Clubs Coordinator - John Myers, KD8MQ

Michigan hams conducted another very successful annual Section Family Outing in the woods of northern Michigan.

Kentucky Hamfest attendance in 2014 stayed steady, with several section hamfests seeing an uptick in attendance. In 2014, we welcomed a brand-new hamfest -- the Letcher County Amateur Radio Club in Whitesburg held their first hamfest.

After a multi-year experiment with one individual serving as SEC and STM, Michigan returned to a conventional format with the appointment of Mark Shaw, K8ED as STM.

In August, the Ohio Section had its conference along with the always-successful Columbus Hamfest where the top newsletters in Ohio were acknowledged in the ARRL Ohio Section Newsletter Contest. They also celebrated the newest inductee of the Allan Severson Award Frank Piper, KI8GW.  Jackie Piper, KC8ESO received the Section Manager’s "Special Appreciation" award.

Much work has been done on building a D-Star repeater network with grant funding in the SW corner of Michigan.

Ohio got to cheer as one of its own, Jay Slough, K4ZLE was the winner of the April QST® Cover Plaque award for his article "A 10 Meter Moxon Antenna."

Vice Director Tom Delaney W8WTD and your Director were able to attend a number of the Division's hamfests throughout the past year.  Our sincere thanks to all of these hamfest teams who extended such warm hospitality to us during our visits.  We hope to include visits to even more swaps in 2015.

Adrian, MI
Bowling Green, KY
Chelsea, MI
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Dayton, OH
Elyria, OH
Findlay, OH
Grand Rapids, MI
Hazel Park, MI
Louisville, KY
Mansfield, OH
MI Crossroads, MI
Monroe, MI
Portage, OH
Richmond, KY
Toledo, OH

Now as we move into 2015, Vice Director Delaney and I prepare for the Annual ARRL Board meeting in mid January.   Our visits to club meetings and conversations with many of you at hamfests around the Division have provided us with suggestions for consideration at committee meetings and the Board itself.  It is always a pleasure to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas to improve all that we do in Amateur Radio.

To all: Thanks for your contribution to ARRL and ham radio during 2014.

Now let us go on and make this New Year even better and strive to show the great works of ham radio to the world.


Dale Williams WA8EFK

Great Lakes Division